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Shout Out to Thibaudeau for "Acing Combine Bench" Prep

Thibaudeau I just wanted to throw out a big shout out to you for your acing the combine bench press program. My flat bench of 225 reps stalled out between 24-27 reps for awhile. After a llittle over a week on your program i surpassed my goal of 225x30 and hit an all time PR of 225x31 at 218lbs bodyweight.

Im sure these results might not be typical for just a weeks worth of running a program but it is apparently what I needed for a plateau buster. Props to you, thanks again.

Good job! t’s the program I used with the guy who won the bench press test at last year’s CFL combines with 39

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Thats awesome definitly works well. It was pretty rough on my forearms, started to get alittle tendonitus but compression with voodoo wrap flossing kept it managable. I was able to keep my form tight throughout as well. Anyways thanks again.

I tried to post a video but its not letting me post it on here.