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Shout out to the women

This is for Patricia and Tampa Terry. Keep it up. Were I live there seems to be a disproportionate number of men interested in building their physiques, and taking care of their bodies. I rairly see women in my everyday life who care about their health. It is depressing. The further I take this path the more I hope to run into a fit athletic woman who cares about herself. All women should be looking up to you two and following your lead. Get more of your sex in the GYMs! Lead them to a better healthier life. Men like me are waiting to meet you. Not just because you are gorgeous but also because you have that will power and self determination that builds character. Don’t stop for anyone! You are awesome!

RS, I’ll second that. It’s not as bad in my area, but I must say that there are few thigns sexier than a woman who takes care of herself.

Where I train, there are tons of girls and they are mostly pretty hot. However, most seem to go for the pretty boy types that do nothing but curls and cable pull downs- you know, the kinds of exercises only real men do. We need some hardcore women like these two to shake things up a little.

speaking of the “cardio” girls(which noone was)-
at the gym that I was training at over the summer there were but 2 girls that I saw training like fuckin demons. These girls did a full body w/o in about 45 mins. They went from bench-squat-p.press-SL/DL-inclineB-b/o rows. Great condition, not a dumbell in sight, gave the “cardio” girls shitty looks-kick ass.

Got a close friend in CT who is Dean of Students at a boarding school. Always worked out, but only in the last year learned (through me and TMag) how to train like a T-Vixen. Her female colleagues are appalled; male colleagues give her compliments; and the teenage girls all say they want to be her when they grow up! Kudos to all the T-vixens out there influencing a new generation of females to be strong.

There this older lady that goes to my gym probably in her late 30’s early 40’s. I saw her doing legs the other day and I wanted to cringe. She was squating 225lbs, but they were quarter squats. She had a guy spotting her from the bar, ( now what the hell is that going to do.) Always spot from the waist.

Now I am all for women who train hardcore. But not when it doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. What pisses me off even more next she hops on the hammer strength leg press w/ 3 45lbs plates on each side and gets another guy to help with first push. Then lets the weight crash making a lot of noise in the mean time and using her hand to push the weight foword.

Granted she does look good for her age. But I think she goes overboard.

Now again I am all for females training like a man and I think they should.

RS, it’s addictive. Once you start seeing your muscles (not to mention the vascularity?!?) and a streamlined body with curves in all the right places, there’s no going back. And then when you throw the performance element into the equation; i.e., improving your lifts and pulls and the weight on your dips and chinups – that’s where it REALLY becomes fun!

RS, don’t worry about it. I predict the love of your life and the hottie of your dreams will find YOU. Work hard, play hard, build that awesome physique, and when you least expect it, Cupid will slap you up side the head with a 45-pound plate. (grin)

Hey, that Dean of Students in CT is ME! Thanks, Tim, for the accolade, but especially for inspiring me to discover my physical potential behind the iron curtain! You, T-Mag, and the mirror are my Big Three motivators.

Copy on the addictive, Tampa-Terry; I’ve been squatting and benching and curling some personal bests recently and I can’t get enough!

I just caught this post. And, thanks.

The problem here is that I don’t believe I’m doing anything different or unique (by training, etc.). I’ve been doing all this for so long that it’s a very strong part of me.

There are alot of women out there that are active. And strong. Since I’ve been training for powerlifting and have been performing much research in powerlifting meets - I’ve noticed how much stronger women have become. Hell, I just met last Friday during our strongman training a woman named Jo. She’s about 60 now and a competitive powerlifter. When she was in her mid to late 50’s, she pulled a 400lb deadlift. Freakin’ amazing woman. And she’s a little thing, too. With a glow about her that only a woman who is strong, healthy and vibrant could have. That’s a woman I aspire to become.

As for the addicting thing and getting my “sex” in the gym. Well, I ain’t addicted to training - but to life and just demand to live it with quality. Hence, the training. And I get my sex in the bedroom!

Yes, it’s a bummer to see other women short changing themselves physically by limiting their ideals to whatever is currently featured in “Redbook”, “Shape” or “People” magazines - or the general media. But rather than fixate on them, I’d rather be busy just “doing my thing” and as I’ve said before, use my actions do the talking and hopefully inspire some of them to achieve more from their training.

I do appreciate this praise- even though I don’t think I deserve it. I’ve still got a long way to go myself. This is all, afterall, for a lifetime.

Yeah jeeeeeez! I think all these girls here at Michigan State wanna do is drink till their stomachs hang to their knees! Is it possible for me to find a buff hottie? I hope SO!!! One that likes 250 pounds of pure rock hard lovin!

Yes it is a life time endeavor! I just want to see everyone taking it up. I meant for you to lead by example. Even if all you are is an idol to aspiring women, don’t ignore that. Terry, I’m not looking for the love of my life, just more women- friends and otherwise- taking up this habit that seems to only improve the quailty of life. Patricia, you do deserve this praise. Anyone, at any level of development, who cares about their health and performance deserves praise. This goes for you T-Men as well, keep up the good work and get your sisters, mothers, girlfriends, hell even gradnmothers into this! Bodybuilding isn’t just for men, and it isn’t just to get hooooge!