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Shout out to Tampa-Terry

Tampa-T - you gave me some great advice last week about carb refeeds and increased protien consumption while cutting. I had posted a question regarding a platue I hit. The advice worked like a charm and I am zeroing in the elusive 10% BF. Dropped 2ibs. of FAT since I took the advice. 6 more to go! Anyone thinking of doing this…it worked for me. Tampa-T thanks again for the well thought out advice.

I would like to add a Big Thanks to TT as well. She really has been awesome with her advice and I have learned a ton!

I know there’s been a thread in “The Dog Pound” giving ups to Terry and saying she should be in the Pound. Even though I’m not a member, I think TT should apply!

Yes, Tampa-Terry has been given nothing but her time and knoweledge in this forum. Thanks, for all the kind words that you have given me in the past and for standing up for me. We all learned a lot from u.

Oh, dear. I don’t know what to say. Actually it’s a good thing I can type and don’t have to speak.

Thank you, Hedo, for letting me know that my advice really helped you out. There isn’t anything that could bring me any more pleasure in the world.

Colin, dogchild, fitone, thank you, too. And what brings me so much pleasure is seeing you all out on the board helping others, sharing what you know and what you’ve learned here on T-Mag.

Thanks for letting me know about the Dog Pound. They probably think I have my nose up in the air, which is not the case. It’s just that I spend so much of my time over here on the Training & Nutrition Forum, looking for messages that are about to slip through the cracks, that I rarely get over there.

For those that didn’t know it, years ago I used to be an assistant sysop over on the court reporter’s forum on CompuServe. I greeted newbies and told them how to find stuff. Guess I’m up to my old tricks, huh? (grin)

TT knows she’s the shiznit, guys. But we need to keep giving out the Shouts and letting her know how great she is and how much we appreciate her in the forum. TT’s a hella T-Vix, that’s for dayum sure. I’ll echo my support yet again for TT’s membership in the Pound. By the way, is this “TT” just catching on recently, or is it me:-) Quality.

Hedo, please send me an email at my address (you can find it at the end of my articles), as I’d like to offer you some more info periodic overfeeding while dieting to combat fatloss plateaus, and also get some feedback from you regarding your recent experience w/ the carb overfeed sessions.


Not to derail this topic, but…

Joel, I’ve been sending people to your “Cheater’s Diet” article as fast as I can post on some other boards I go to: dragondoor’s board and the “Hard Losers” MSN group. It’s not much, but you may see some more people giving it a shot soon.

Agree with it all, I tried the cheater’s diet on three different occasions but each one only lasting ten days with a total of two refeeds. Works like a charm.

As for TT, yep she’s great, has provided me with great advice, and info. TT, glad to hear that your around still and that you lurck around this forum. I will definatly look to hear more from you. THanks

Hedo, be sure to take Joel up on his offer. He’s single-handledly responsible for introducing the concept of carb refeeds and cheat meals to T-Nationers. And I credit him with a pretty substantial portion of my success and transformation. My hard work, his guidance in times of crisis? (grin)

Boxer Al, Timbo, thanks. And now let’s kill this thread. It’s making my head swell. Much more and I won’t be able to make it out the front door for my Thursday afternoon workout. Sheesh, you guys! (shaking head)

Thanks, bro. That is much appreciated. I’ll be writing an updated article soon with some cool things and a few changes; stay tuned.


Thanks guys I will definetly follow up.

J-Rock…Hey, bro. I’m not sure if you caught my Ginsu Knives thread, but I’m going to be prepping for a contest. I have very little experience with dieting, and I just want to make sure it’s cool with you if I contact you regarding some refeeding techniques, advice, etc. that I can use during the dieting. I’d really appreciate this.