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Shout Out to Some Professions


I just wanted to say thanks to a few professions...

1) Law Enforcement & Fire Fighters - You silly bastards will confront someone with a gun, or run into a building full of fucking FIRE to save my family. I think Cops especially get a lot of bad lip considering the ridiculous situations & major stress of the job, and it's not always fair to criticize as harshly as a lot of people do. Thank you for looking out for me and mine.

2) Members of the Armed Forces - Lady's and Gentlemen, thank you for risking your lives for our freedom, our way of life, and my ability to pursue happiness. (And to the guy in line in front of me at Fresh City in January, I kick myself every fucking day for not buying your lunch for you sir.)

3) Garbage Men - Honestly, it is one of the most important jobs around. Thanks guys, I need to buy you a beer.

Did I forget any important people out there?


Well done!


I personally want to thank all the Bean counters :slightly_smiling:


Capitalists. Greed, for want of a better word, is good. Capitalism is the only 'ism' that ever did the majority of people any good. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Mercantilism, on and on, are designed to fuck the general population. And fuck Obama, the POS socialistic dirt bag, who uses the disaster of a mixed economy to try and complete the destruction of capitalism. He won't win --- capitalism (aka freedom) is humanity's natural state.


Absolutely on this one.
Last year , in appreciation for all the heavy stuff they picked up from me over the years, I ran outside one morning as they were taking my trash, and I handed each of them a $10 bill and told them "This is thanks for putting up with all the junk I throw away".

They were obviously pleased. First time I ever saw them smile.


I'm going to add paramedics to the list...they save more lives than most doctors, have to deal with some of the most grotesque accident scenes imaginable, and are completely underpaid.


Save your paranoid tantrum for the PWI forum, crybaby.


Hats off to the paramedics!
But do you really think they save more lives than doctors? Then why the fuck do they bring all them patients to ER, just save their lives and send them home :slight_smile:
I do however think the reverse is absolutely true: doctors kill more patients than most paramedics :slight_smile:


Hahaha, I can picture that..."Ok you're all fixed up, now get out of my ambulance!"

I guess I should clarify here...the amount of people they stabilize is very impressive. The few minutes after an accident are critical, and they get in there and allow the victim to live so that the doctors....can save their lives.

Man, that sounded weird. Anyway, GO PARAMEDICS!


They are first responders and are responsible for determining immediate treatment and transportation of the person/people involved and if it weren't for the paramedics I believe much fewer patients would ever make it to ER or the extent of their injuries would be much worse. Many emergencies require immediate treatment that cannot wait until the person arrives at the hospital.

All of the above are worthy vocations of recognition.


I know you're a socialist but can't figure out which one --- National Socialist or Soviet Socialist (both winning systems you love there, boyo).


I'd be at a lost without the ice cream truck on a hot summer day.


Shoutout to good English teachers, and all teachers who take their jobs seriously and do it well. We need more in the States.


I'm going to do this this week.

Kind of feel like a douche for not thinking of this earlier. I knew my trash didn't magically disappear, but I've never thought about the guys who actually do it.

As far as a shoutout - Teachers. Can't say it enough.


Yeah when I was in college, IE: home when they came by, I used to give them cases of beer.

I worked in a liquor store, so it was cheaper for me to buy the a case or two a month then give them cash. They loved me. The 1.5 of Grey Goose was a huge hit.


Dude, shout out to Doctors.

They put up with so much shit everyday, angry patients, irritable families, diseases that are difficult to diagnose, and the ever constant threat of the people placed in their hands dying.

Plus, I might add, 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, internship and residency. All so they can get bitched at for not being God.


shout out to pornstars who make my life endurable and my mornings passable.

....this just came to me

i think being a waiter is a lot like the MTV game show "Boiling Points". The objective is to put up with a bunch of absurd bullshit for a certain amount of time and if you can survive without freaking out you win money.

so i conider myself a professional game show player.


I am going to give a shout out to my old gym teacher who was a coach of mine too. He introduced me to pushing weight, and manning up early on in life.


Haha that is so awesome. I wish I thought that way when I waited tables, probably would have helped. Where do you work?


Garbage men get paid a fucking lot. That job's hard to get.