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Shout Out to Rochester, NY

I’m a new member here thanks to a friend’s urging.

Whats up brother I am a student at RIT. RIT Jared and I will be hosting car-pulling, keg and tire tossing on sundays at the RIT campus. Where are you working out?

Oh and farmers walks Jared got the implements for christmas.

Just got your email big man…guess I am that friend! Glad your here.

I’m in the area…I go to MCC. I’m probably on the weaker end of the spectrum, but I’m very interested in some of the more powerlifting oriented lifts and strong man events.

I work out mornings at the RAC across from Valley Cadillac. Went to the Powerlifting Comp. Jared organized at RIT last year. RIT’s got some serious T-Activity going on!

I was at that competition as well what weight did you compete in?

We should be doing some strongman stuff now that the weather is good. PM me and I will let you guys know where and when.

And dont worry infinity about being on the weaker side its not like we are a bunch of professionals everyone is welcome.

Are there any more plans for meets in the area? Come fall I will be attending University of Rochester and would love to compete while there.

Only trouble is everyone is so busy it jsut never seems to get done, someone has to take the initiative, then we definitly have a comp. PM me with your email address and I will put you on our email list