Shouldr pain

I’ve been told by two friends one being a collage student majoring in sports medicine and the other being an orthopedic surgeon that i have a bad case of shoulder impingment. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it. I was told that a cortizone shot was the first step to solving it and then surgery. Would A.R.T. help? It’s a constant nagging pain. Help.

First I would like to know how they know it’s a bad case of shoulder impingement. What examination was performed? Is the pain worse during certain movements? Which ones? Have you tried strengthening the rotator muscles?
Active Release might work but it’s hard to tell, I would find someone that is at least level 2 certified in your area in the upper extremity ART and see if you can get a consultation.
Cortisone and surgery are down on the list as solutions but I think you are looking for some other solutions. Good Luck!

I fucked my rotator cuff royally several years back. Part of the problem was an impingement syndrome. This is a real bitch because once it is inflamed it becomes a catch 22 situation where anything you do seems to inflame it further. My situation took a dramatic turn for the better when I went to see a doctor who gave me a treatment called ‘prolotherapy’. (There was an article about this in M&F a few issues ago). She loaded up a syringe with a 50/50 mix of glucose and lignocaine and injected it all around the inflamed area. I had several such treatments. It worked like magic! I then went to see a chiro who helped get the joint fully mobile again , then when I was ready I started using the shoulderhorn to start working the R/C, something I stiil do to this day.

I had a shoulder injury that had bothered me for the last two years doing some shoulder work and even slightly in bench along with basketball. My doc had me do resistence with him applying pressure in certain places. He too determined that it was an impingement. One cortisone shot and I haven’t had a problem since (about 8 months). Go for the cortisone shot. It’s quick and easy and if it doesn’t work then you can try other things.