Shouldn’t E2 Be Tested From The Start?

I have a theory. I’d ask @highpull for his input.

When I started TRT, no estrogen was ever tested.

Prior to starting TRT, What if, for some reason, my estrogen was overly high, which in turn would’ve caused my LH to signal to shut down/reduce testosterone output, hence causing the low T? In other words, can estrogen be the cause of low T?

If that were the case, instead of just tossing testosterone at it to fix things, wouldn’t it have made more sense to address the estrogen, which in turn should increase LH, and thus testosterone? Perhaps instead of trt, maybe a different approach could’ve been just a little ai or something to bring down the estrogen?

Correct. This is why some obese guys, with low testosterone signs and symptoms, do better when there is significant weight loss. Lose weight, especially fat, less aromatization, lower E2, increase testosterone.


Begs the question whether thenquantity of estrogen from plastics and birth control in thenwater courses and environment is casuing a lot of low T issues with current generation of men.


Had I tested estrogen from the get go, and it was high, couldn’t that have just been my issue as to why I have low T?

Why doesn’t medical protocol test for estrogen from the start? I’d think taking a little ai would be safer than life long trt?

Or would that not correct things?

Most proper clinics DO test for E2 from the start. If they don’t that’s not a good sign.

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I hold a pretty strong belief that this + overall fatassedness are the main cause of low T issues with men.

There’s also a more nuanced subject of the abundance of radio waves causing mild infertility. We cover our balls during X-Rays to avoid those sonic waves, but it’s fine for the 45 routers near my house to be spewing 2.4 ghz and 5g signal 24/7? Not including radio waves, cell towers, etc.
^not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but it begs the question of why one form of radio waves (X-Ray) causes damage to testes, but supposedly none of the others do… probably good content for another thread.

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I’ve been fairly jacked even prior to trt and never touched steroids, unless you count the old Twinlab andro poppers.

And I have low t. It’s not just the fattys.