I’m looking for a good routine for training rear delts. I use the ol’ standard bent-over lateral raises,seated on the end of a flat bench. Is there any other exercise I can use to shake things up?

I wish i could help, but im still looking for a good rear-delt routine…to the guys at T-mag, does poliquin or king have any routines that focus on the rear delts??

Do the same thing standing up but bent over with chest parallel to the floor or lying face down on incline bench…also do chect fly machine backwards…good luck

Try Poliquin’s chin up progression program until you can complete the Gymnasts extended back routine, if you can complete it, then you shouldn’t have to worry much about your rear delts. Sternum chins work great also.

I think a good idea would be to balance out your horizontal pulling with your horizontal pushing (row the same amount as you press). To many bodybuilders give too much attention to benching and not enough to rowing so there is an imbalance in the shoulder muscles. You could also deadlift the way Ian King Specifies with the scapula down and back to further emphasise the posterior deltoid. -

Have you tried using the cable cross machine with the handles on the low pulley. The movement is just like a D/B version but the constant resistance is a nice change.

Poliquin published a routine a long time ago in muscle media about back training. superset seated rows with a rope to the neck with lieing on your side one-arm laterals. Also you can lie face down on a slight incline bench and do them that way