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i have been trying to get a good trapazoid workout now for 5 years.
shrugs, low rows, rows, dumbell lat presses, dumbell flyes, machine flyes, and military presses.
i can not hit my trapezoids right on the nose.
deos anybody have any ideas on what excersises pinpoint the trapezoids?


shrugs done correctly are direct trap hitters.
deadlifts and cleans work the upper back
farmer walks may be the best of all.
I'm not sure how you thought flyes would be of any help, but if you do those 4 exercises correctly, ba-ba-boom


Unless some one beats me to it... My rhombii and parallogram muscles need help, to!


I know exercises that work the trapezius though.


Trapezoids are tough to work, but the rhombus is much easier. Preexhausting the parallelogram has helped me increase my trapezoid size.



avoiding the already done mathematical jokes

To build your trapezius, try snatch grip deadlifts, snatch grip overhead shrugs, and barbell rows. Snatches work well too.