Shoulders Sore on Triceps Extension

Hey, amazing site here. I just discovered it a few weeks ago; it changed everything I do in the gym. Wow, you kick men’s health’s ass! Your information is so much better, clearer, and funnier. Without all those pointless “how to be a better lover/ballplayer/barbequer” articles. You rock! Thanks to all who make possible!

Now I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help me. I’m on week three of Ian King’s 12-week Chest and Back program, phase 1. I’m doing the Overhead dumbbell triceps extensions (first exercise in the tricep superset). I think I’m doing it like the picture, but my shoulder’s screaming. It’s the shoulder pain that prevents me from taking on more weight, not my tricep.

My question: am I positioning wrong, or are my shoulders just weak? (I’ve had periodic tightness and tenderness in the shoulders since I started this workout, more than the basic soreness in other muscle groups).

(In case it’s relevant, I’m 6’1", 190lb, 28yrs, pretty good shape but new to lifting)

Thanks all,


Howdy, Greg.

I had some difficulty with that particular movement --consider lying on a bench. It’ll take the pressure off your shoulder at the expense of reducing range of motion. Or rather, substitute a similar isolation exercise like dumbbell skullcrushers.

Of course, if you can’t pull that one off, behind the neck barbell shoulder presses and the like are probably out of the question. Such a problem merits flexibility work.

Best of luck,