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Shoulders Rounded Anteriorly


Alright people. like i said before, my shoulders go forward, unless i pull them back consciously, i can bent over row about 2/3 or so of what i can bench, in each upper body workout i'll prioritise the bent over row to try to remedy, but i can't kill the upper cross thing going on.

i don't want to stop working my chest (obviously) but i read in 'another' magazine it suggested stopping lifting for 6 weeks, and just doing rotator cuff, and posterior stuff for that time. FUCK THAT (if it can be avoided) anyone got any ideas to rebalance my upper body? methods, sets/reps, priorities etc?

(ps i havent got, and cant get yet, a chin up bar/lat pulldown machine. just got a bar, dbs, weights and a bench) cheers.

Shoulder Injury

Just out of curiosity, are you deadlifting at all?

Pull/chin-ups will help. You say you have no source for doing these? It is easier than you think to become MacGyver in the weight room. Just find something and start pulling up on it.

I would also consider checking out Eric Cressy's most recent article entitled "Shoulder Savers."

Good Luck


cheers chewie. nah not deadlifting/squatting for 2 months, i did my back lifting 100, and was just like a jelly saying 'can u pick that up 4 me' to mates for weeks and shit. guess id better get back on it. will deadlifts do my pos-upper? i've got a little lower ab distension and i thought leg work could help that, but il try man. thanx 4 ur feedback. and ps il buyt a bar after the sumemr, and get on that


Here this helped me a lot. I got Bursitis, and tendonitis because of grappling and a kick to my clavicle on TKD. Gym helped me recover faster (when i was good to start doing some exercize).



look on the site for more info on shoulder. THe answer may lie on your technique. but check the articles out, search more and see if that helps.


thanks man. ill get on the case


Just to mention, but the lats are an internal rotator of the shoulder (insert on the anterior humerus) and so pulldowns/chinups probably wont help you out too much here.

You might want to check the "Neanderthal No More" series on this site. It gives a program that may not be super-hardcore but it'll help with your upper-crossed syndrome without having to turn your workouts into physio sessions. I did it myself and noticed a marked improvement in my kyphosis (although I found it didn't help too much with my lordosis- but then my lower back is a mess.)


Strengthen your mid back muscles and rear delts, and external rotators, stretch your chest/front delts. Do more movements for your back then you do for your chest. Maintain you bench while in the meantime until your posture is corrected.


Stretch your pecs.

It is always mentioned in these articles, but few actually stretch them.