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Shoulders Rolling Forward When Deadlifting Conventional

When I’m doing conventional deadlifts I find that my shoulders roll forward, and I’m not sure why and have found no solutions to the problem online. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

First off show us a video.

Is this related to your upper back rounding and/or the bar drifting away from your body during the lift? Maybe you have issues with either of these also?

Shoulder position in deadlift is not meant to be pulled back and pinned together like in bench press like it’s called scapula retraction.

Scapula depression should occur though so like shoulders down. This is often accomplished together with activating and using the lats for the deadlift. Try searching along the lines of this and you’ll come up with a lot of info.

A quick search pops up this but there’s much more easy to find info:

wow thank you. I can’t believe I’ve never heard “shoulders down” before. This may have fixed my issue. I’ll be deadlifting tonight so I’ll let you know.

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Use your lats as was mentioned and do more rows because your lats and upper back are probably weak.

How does this look? I was doing my best to concentrate on what the videos you linked outlined but I’m not 100% sure whether this looks right.

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I’ll have a look when I am at home with faster internets but how it looks it one thing I think more importantly does it feel good solid and locked in?

Ok. Yeah it feels a hell of a lot more secure than before but I’m still nervous it doesnt look quite right

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Looks alright. The back/lats/shoulders position and tightness can always be improved so keep working on it but just go for getting bigger and stronger for now.

A good indicator that you are doing things right is that you are able to maintain the good position you set up in. If your back rounds or something during the lift it’s not good.

I’ll link you more vids later if I remember


yeah it’s definitely a technique for me to practise.

Alright mate, thanks for the help I appreciate it!

It looks fine but the weight is too light to really see anything. For form checks you need at least 75% or so.

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