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Shoulders Poppin/Crackin Noise?


Well lately i've been doing lateral raises for my shoulder but everytime i go down on the negative it makes sort of a poppin/crackin noise. It's not painful at all but it's really annoying. Im not sure if this is an actual sign if i should stop doing them or maybe the interal parts of my shoulders are just week?

Anyone had this problem? Thanks


Nothing wrong with a pop or noise, if it hurts then you have an issue.

Mine does this too on any overhead pressing movements.


my left shoulder does the same thing. loud enough for my training partner to cringe. but if its not dangerous then i will def put oh presses back in my routine.


that used to happen to me everytime i would do a lateral raise. eventually it just went away and my shoulders are fine


I had a similar issue. Seeing a physical therapist, he, too, said no pain = no problem.

Of course, if you are concerned, talk to your GP.


IIRC i read an Eric Cressey article where he said a simple shoulder health test was to put one hand on your opposite shoulder and raise your elbow to your forehead

if it doesnt hurt you are fine...


that's a test for impingement


no pain=no worries. But I think BBB stated that this is called, "functional reduction with abduction" or something along those lines. And is caused by a slightly weaker RC muscle, allowing the glenohumeral head to slide around a tiny bit more than it would, if all muscles were equally strong.