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Shoulders Overhaul

I am doing this program for the 2nd time…i first did it late last year and into the beginning of this year. I fkn love this program and feel it compliments well to my overall program. CT believes that shoulders are the cornerstone of a fkn great look and are tremendous for strength (der Jimmy :wink:

Is anyone else doing this or have done it. I posted about this the last time i did and quite a few here have done/ were doing it.

The first time i completed it, i was really happy with the look and strength my shoulders had taken on. Now however, I feel i must isolate them again to get them back to what they once were. By no means were they overly impressive but just noticing the change made me feel a whole lot fkn better and it beats specific arm work :wink:

Da Freaks progress pics in the other thread kinda got my interest back into doing direct shoulder work as they are really fkn impressive. However, im a LONG way away from his…