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Shoulders Overhaul with EDT

Is anyone doing Christian’s shoulders overhaul program? What type of split are you doing? I was thinking about having an upper body day and lower body day in between the shoulder workouts in phase 1. I may use an EDT style for those days and wondered what others have done? My workout would be something like this.
Monday-Shoulder day 1
15 min PR zone 1-Squat/good morning
15 PR zone 2-Dead lift/Dynamic lunge
15 min PR zone 1-Dbell press/Pullups
15 min PR zone 2-Decline press/seat row
10 min PR zone-Preacher curl/dips
Friday off
Sat-shoulder day 2
Sun off

I think you would be better off to keep to parameters that are similar to the shoulder days. Do the accumulation then intensification phases with similar parameters for the rest of the body. Then move on to EDT for the entire body. If you try to combine to many programs at once you’ll body will not respond as well.

I would have to agree with Binford. The Shoulder Overhaul is a great program and to really benefit fully from it I would do exactly as CT lines out. It is a tough program and that extra day of upperbody work would probably do you in:)