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Shoulders on ABBH


What exercises would be good to add to the ABBH program to help get my shoulders to be at least a bit better? I know of a few that I used before but if there are any that would fit in well with the ABBH program that would work well.


I consulted CW on this as my rear delts are lagging. He recommended upright rows, which I've found to work my entire shoulder really well. I've been doing them on the same day as dips, in place of chin ups.


I agree with SABmore, I did upright rows on my vertical plane day. It looked like this:
Standing Military Press
Chin Ups
Weighted Dips
Upright Rows


You could rotate overhead presses one day with incline benches the next time. Your pecs will look better from inclines and your physique will be all the better too with improved delts. Also, utilize the 100 rep method for rear and lateral delts on your off days. This would do very well for you.