Shoulders in EDT

Pardon me if this issue has been raised before, but i’m concerned about the lack of any direct delt exercises in the EDT program. I’m considering EDT for 8 weeks starting monday. How would those of you who have tried, or are currently utilizing this system, respond?


There is no direct delt work because of all the indirect work you are performing with your delts. Remember that if you feel that a body part ( ie. shoulders ) is not following suit, your first instinct should be to decrease the work you are having it perform.

Most, including Staley himself I believe, would say don’t wory about it. Your delts will get plenty of stimulation.

This is from Q&A in Staley’s newletter: Here?s the deal on delts: “My position is that the overwhelming majority of trainees fail to appreciate the amount of work their delts are subjected to through pressing and rowing movements. The delts really aren?t prime movers in most scenarios, but rather, synergists that assist the pecs and lats. So in most cases, I prefer to challenge the front delts through bench presses (and related exercises) and let rowing movements take care of the rear delts. Now, let me make an important point here: just because your rear delts aren?t the size of cantaloupes doesn?t mean they aren?t being trained! A lot of people simply don?t have the genetics and musculoskeletal leverages to develop the huge delts you see on some elite level competitive bodybuilders.”

I need extra delt work, that’s why I’ve included it with my EDT program. I do chest, shoulders and biceps in one of my workouts. Since I don’t need much chest work, I only do chest presses for the first 15-minute time frame supersetted with reverse preacher curls. For the next 15-minute time frame, I do overhead presses on the Hammer Strength machine supersetted with hammer dumbbell curls. And for the last 15-minute time frame, I do rear delt raises and dumbbell curls. This gives me the extra delt work I need. I get a little more delt work when I do back, but it’s not enough for me, that’s why I threw in the extra shoulder stuff. Staley has also recommended using rear, front and lateral raises during an EDT time frame if you need extra work.