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Shoulders Hunched Forward


I like many others have made the mistake of neglecting back and too much bench press, and it seems whenever i try to do back workouts such as barbell rows and stuff i can not use my back atall, i cannot bring my shoulder blades together. What can i do?


Fix the problem.


Practice retracting and depressing your shoulder blades every waking moment and work your damn back more. It will always suck if you do nothing about it.


Start really light. Even if that means just the bar for barbell rows. Start with higher reps, with strict form. GRADUALLY, over the course of months, not days or weeks, add weight. Whenever you stop feeling it in your back, cut back on weight again. Lots of volume, lots of sets/reps, ots of intensity. You'll figure it out if you've got half a brain. And be patient.


What he said ^^^ and lots of stretching. Focus on getting a contraction and holding it.


Took the words out of my mouth, well said.


What everyone said -

amjrules1: this topic should be in the beginners section, not bodybuilding.


Look up upper cross syndrome, read and apply the exerises. I am currently struggling with this problem. Once diagnosed I was able to do research and find exercises to fix the problem. Would write out the protocol but I am at work and typing on my iPhone.
Best of luck


Incline dumbell rows and face pulls pulled my shoulders back. I focused on working my upper back more and worked them twice a week and chest once a week. Also avoid any chest exercise that brings your hands together (flys). Make sure you are stretching your chest during and after workouts.


lots of direct rear delt work, and stretch chest hard immediately post workout