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Shoulders & Deadlifting?


Is it important to push shoulders back when deadlifting? Should they be hold back throughout the lift? What happends if you don't?
Thanks in advance.


I believe keeping your shoulders back keeps the majority of the load on the primary muscles that NEED to be involved. Not doing so would place extreme stress on the lower back=no good. just my opinion, good luck



If your shoulder are directly over or in front of the bar, you will likely end up with the weight on your toes. While it is easy to get the weight off the floor this way (for a conventional lifter anyway), you will likely get in trouble about halfway up and stall. Honestly, I can never tell where my shoulders are in relation to the bar. So, I just focus pulling the weight back and driving with my heels.


I think so, definitely. When I deadlift, I keep my shoulders pinned back from bottom to top. It helps me pull the weight 'through' my upper back, rather than allowing my lower back to act like a pure hinge. And, you get great results in the upper back.


I think it depends on your goals. If your usually the deadlift as primarily a back strengthening exercise then keeping your shoulders pulled back and together would be alright, but this will increase the distance you have to pull and so not good if your into lifting the most amount of weight as possible as in powerlifting...