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Shoulders and the Aging Lifter

Get it fixed. There are a number of old Powerlifters that didn’t bother with the bigger surgery because it didn’t affect their lifts and they didn’t want the downtime. Every one of them that I have talked to regretted the decision.


I had that issue too, and a few other guys I mentioned it to said the same thing. I’m 50, mine lasted for months. It went away during the pandemic when the gyms closed. So, it clearly was related to something I was doing at the gym. Maybe something accumulating over time. I’ve been back at the gym since June and have not had the issue return.

I would guess that overuse has caught up to you.

I’d get it fixed. I tore mine at the shoulder and at the elbow on the same arm (different injuries about a year apart). The elbow one had to be fixed. I guess I could have skipped the shoulder fix, but I’m really glad I got it done. It is a little longer than a 16 week recovery though in my experience – it took about 6 months before I was back to full strength on the impacted side. If they are going to put you under to clean other stuff up, might as well get the tendon fixed too.

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So, it sounds like its not just normal for older lifters to have shoulder pain? I am going to make an appointment to have it checked, I just know the fight I am going to have with my PCP to get a referral to an Ortho. He likes to give me pills first, which I don’t want. The only number I chase anymore is Bench, I just like it. Its not an ego thing, or competition, I just enjoy the lift for some reason and like testing myself. Everything else I seem to be reasonable with. BTW, I am not a very strong bencher either, considering my love for it. LOL

Not normal, just very common and most likely.