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Shoulders and Guns King Style

After searching through the forum site, I found some reference to a program by King called “Guns and Shoulders” which was an arm and shoulder prioritization program that was different than both the Super Strenght and Great Guns programs listed in the mag. Any idea where I can find it. I can’t seem to find it on Kingsports, or in T-mag back issues. Although I have been able to find some day long shoulder routines by King, from the sound of this program it seemed more substantial than that. If no one has any idea where to find this or if the program is just a figment of my imagination, than does anyone know of any good Shoulder and Arms(or Lats since they are next on the weak list) program that is similiar to Super Strenght in set up only with different parts prioritized. I got great results with my chest and back from Super Strength and was hoping to do something similiar to work on my weak shoulders for the next 4-8 weeks. Thanks for any help.


I couldn’t find what you were looking for, only a shoulder specialization program that focused on overhead pressing variations, but nothing that combined Arms and Shoulders together. What kind of results did you get from the super strength program in terms of strength gains and body composition changes?

I saw pretty good results in terms of both. Over the last 12 weeks or so I have put on a solid 10 lbs mostly muscle, and part of this was will recovering from a shoulder injury which didnt allow me to do any of the vertical push/pull stuff with anything but the lightest weights for a period of time. After recovery, everything shot up. Overall I really liked the program. My squat went up like 50 lbs, my deadlift probably a hundred or so, and my bench probably like 40. I like the way the programs are laid out, which is why I am so interested in going on to a different version.

I think the program you are referring to was found in King’s book that can be bought at the biotest store.

I have his book, and its nowhere to be found. Like I said, there are a few short shoulders things (4 exercises) but nothing along the nature of Super Strength or Limpin. Unless of course I am missing something, which is entirely possible.

The program is real; from my understanding it was basically an e-book that you got as a bonus while making a purchase from KSI a few years ago. I know I have it on my computer somewhere. Just e-mail KSI directly from their website and ask them about it.

Emailed them about it a week or so ago, and havent heard from them, but I am itching to start something since I am done SS and limpin. Did you try the program? What were your results. Whats the setup like? I am assuming its a twice a week upper body split.

one last try