Shoulders And An Introduction

hi everyone,

       I've been reading these forums for a very long time now and finally decided to join and try contribute too this community, well first some stats

19 yrs old, just shy of 220lbs, just over 6 ft tall aswell


deadlift - 130kg x5

bench press - 105kg x5

squat - 90kg x5(i know its pathetic, im working on it, over the past month and a bit ive been concerntrating on it its gone from 60kg-90kg)

Ive been training for just over a year, been serious since about september last year, unfortunatly in march this year i buggered my rotator cuff and wasnt allowed(by my sports physio) to do weights for 8 weeks, I’ve been back at gym with more passion and intensity than ever before trying to get my strength back, Im stronger on every lift except for bench which is still getting back too 105kg at the moment im doing 3 sets of 8 at 90kg, My goals are to build an aesthic looking body, and to increase my strength as my future goals are to be apart of the police force which I feel strength is needed.

sorry about the rambling i just wanted to introduce myself too the community

now my question

I was wondering what kind of exercise I could incorporate into my workout that will work the back of my shoulders(if that makes sense)?

The posterior head of the detoid. Theres scarecrows, most compound rowing movements hit them, bent cable laterals, bent db laterals, incline prone laterals.

ahh k cool, there hit with rowing movements cool i just wanted too check cause as i said i dont want imbalances

Band pull-aparts using a jumpstretch band (or similar.)

Hey dude, where in Australia are located?

When trying to hit the rear head of your shoulder, you really have to feel the muscle as you train if that makes sense. I did bent over laterals for a while before I realised I was doing them wrong.

One execise…Lie on an incline bench face down, makin sure you lift to the front a bit, with your pinky finger side facing up! Try and hold the dumbells up for second to really feel it work. This helps alot.

Seated row, using a straight bar, and pulling back with your elbow out and up a bit(bit more than shoulde width grip). Again, squeezing your delts back.

Apart from this, there are plenty of other exercises that are great for the rear deltoid. Search the archives…

Good luck

Prone Rows
One arm rows w/ arm at 90 deg to body
Inverted Supine Rows

Prone rows
One arm rows w/ arm 90 degrees to body
Inverted Supine Row (

[quote]Gymjunkie wrote:
Hey dude, where in Australia are located?