Hey everyone, this might be the wrong forum, but I figured there are a lot of football players on this forum, and football is still a strength sport so…
I’m done with my first half year of football, and I love the sport. I play middle linebacker, and hope to maybe switch to tight end. I’m not happy with my shoulderpads though, as they severely lack arm mobility, and don’t feel comfortable.
I was wondering what the football players on this forum are wearing and what position they play. Are you happy with your pads and do you recommend them?

I used to hate D-lineman pads for that reason. When I moved to TE I started wearing WR pads…even when I play on the DL I wear the WR pads. Much liter and more mobile.

I’m with Il Cazzo on this one. If you don’t mind the less padding, just use receiver pads.

thanks guys, actually I had one of the better linebackers in our country (our country ain’t %^#$ though) tell me the exact same thing. I’ll try them. Thanks!