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Shoulderpads Removed from Sportcoat?


Anybody ever get this done. I have a sportcoat I like for more casual affairs but I don't like the shoulder pads.

I'll take it to a tailor, but I don't want to ruin the jacket by just getting it done.

Can anybody help me out here?


Stop wearing clothes from the 80's?


If ur worried about a tailor who may I remind you its their job to not fuck up ur coat....well what r we gonna do?

Soak the entire jacket in a bucket of 1 part Anaconda 3 parts water. After about 15 minutes anything signifying weakness will be disintegrated off your coat.



None of my sportcoats have pads.

Oh wait... are you woman?


Who the hell has pads in their jackets after maybe 1990?

I'm thinking it's time to just let the damn thing go. No one wants to see your 1976 bell bottoms either.


x3. none of my jackets have shoulder pads and neither should any of yours.

also, like andrew_live said, if you think your tailor is going to fuck up your jacket, find a new tailor.


Next thing you know you'll tell him he needs a haircut.

Wait. What?


I had a jacket in middle school with shoulder pads. I wore it all the damn time because I thought I looked SWOLE in that jacket. People would compliment how big I had gotten. Oh, how proud I was walking into the 6th grade...until the jacket came off.


I was worried taking them out would ruin how the jacket fit. Right now, it fits nicely on my shoulders but the shoulder pads are plain ridiculous. I'm just going to get it done and trash the thing if it looks stupid.

All my jackets have shoulder pads. 2 suits I got from men's wearhouse awhile ago maybe 4 years, 1 my old man gave me, another nautical blazer that is kinda fashion forward i.e. makes me look like a homosexual, and this one my gf just bought from somewhere. It's new I think, so somebody is putting shoulderpads in these things post 1990.

I need to find some new places to buy nice clothes.


Tell your girl the Salvation Army is a great place to shop for t-shirts but not SUIT JACKETS or any other kind unless you are a woman in a 90's tv drama.


The shoulder pads should definitely be removed. It's not totally outdated to have shoulder pads in your jacket, but it's pretty damn close. Your jacket should be tailored so that its shoulders conform as close to the shape of your own shoulders as possible without restricting your movement.

In fact, the entire jacket should be as close a fit as possible without being restrictive. It should be tailored to taper inward from the armpits down to the about the bottom of your rib cage, maybe as low as the top of your hips. This will accentuate the V-taper look.

Yes, shoulder pads can accentuate this look, but if you do choose to keep the shoulder pads, they should be as small and discreet as possible. Basically, you shouldn't be able to tell that they're there. Unless you have very narrow shoulders though, this shouldn't be necessary. If you do have very narrow shoulders, I suggest more lateral raises, shoulder presses and wide-grip pullups rather than adding or keeping shoulder pads.


Pics or this jacket didn't exist.



What are the "80's" you speak of?


Pics of OP's jacket. It MIGHT actually look good..?


"great white buffalo".



It is the most hideous jacket any man could possibly wear.


Is that old man talk for "big white booty"?


I honestly thought they only made those type of jacket for WOMEN. Then again the extent of my knowledge of 80s was VH1s series "I love the 80s".

OP,if you really want a blazer,there are awesome looking ones that anybody here can suggest. Yeah,yeah,some clothing hold sentimental value but some clothing like that are dated pretty badly.


Can't touch these shoulder pads



I'm not sure what's funnier... that jacket story, or the image of you in 6th grade.