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Had my follow up app. with the family doctor today about my A-C Joint seperation, He thinnks there is more wrong than just a setperation. I go for an MRI this week sometime, and get another week or two off or work.


Evertime i decide to get into lifting heavy again I get fucked up some how.

Atleast I have time to think about what I will do diffrently when i start up again.


Got a new dog today, sheppard/lab mix he is a stray from a shelter, he is VERY smart.

If it’s so smart, ask the dog how to train without getting hurt. :wink:

that reallly hurt…


When i can lift again I will start wiht ABBH 2, for a couple weeks wiht light weight to get back in to it again.

Than Waterbury Methoed for 12 weeks than a bit off than start bill stars 5x5 advanced.

Any opinions?

I also plan on follow a set diet for mass.

A pro friend of mine had his career ended by some newbie idiot who walked into one of the dumbells that my friend was doing seated db presses with… Effectively tearing just about every single piece of tissue in his shoulder.

I’ve never seen someone is a sling for that long. But he was in the gym… Just cardio on the bike at first. Then up to leg workouts… And as he healed tougher leg workouts, abs, etc.

Don’t let this injury keep you from being in shape.

Ya… I just had a shoulder surgery (open surgery to repair SLAP lesion)that put me out of training for 5 months. It was tough. It’s very depressing to keep building yourself up, only to lose 15-20 pounds of muscle (6-8 months work for me) each time, not to mention gain unwanted mass.

It sucks seeing guys that you started working out with 5 years ago that weigh 220, and I’m only 170 (6’2"); that shit’s depressing (I weighed 197 at 10% a while back). Anyways, your best bet is to take it slow, as you have many years of training ahead of you. I’m only 23, and I learned the hard way; don’t jump into heavy weights for a while.

Also, stay away from doing bench press past 90 degrees, lateral raises (w/proper form they are okay), upright rows, incline db curls, behind the neck lat pulldowns (couldn’t even do these if I wanted to as my left arm has horrible ROM), dips (I’ve read you can do them if you don’t go down too far, but I don’t want to risk it), and overhead pressing (might be alright if hands in neutral position).

Anyways, good luck with your shoulder, and take it easy, because having 2 fully functioning arms is often times taken for granted.

If things gp well forthe next week i can start lifting next monday the 19th

I am going to go light for a whitle thna work on getting my bench to 250, squat and DL to 315 for reps.

I am going to go ABBBH 1 than rest for a week or two than go into ABBH 2.

Can someone send my a spredsheet for ABBH 1.