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Im a little puzzled and concerned, I was in the gym doing hammer curls when I felt a pull in my left shoulder which feels like a mild separation (for the unfamiliar a separation is not a dislocation, its when the ligaments connecting the acromion and the clavicle pull apart) The kicker is that I was only lifting 40 lbs dumbells, it didnt happen when I was shrugging or rowing with much heavier weights, it’s 40 measily pounds, obviously for right now all I can do is ice it and take some ibuprofen but im a little worried how this will affect my return to the gym, any experiences or expertise out there who have any advice?

Have you done any activities that aggravated your AC Joint? Play rugby or football or some other contact sport? Also, is the pain up higher on your shoulder or is it more right in the middle of you anterior delt?


I used to play competitive hockey and I still play rec but no contact in the last 3 months. the pain is right on top, as expected, where the clavicle and acromion meet.

May have some inflammation of the AC ligament due to prior minor injuries, or even a little arthritis build up. Try some anti-inflammatories and see how they help. I’d feel it out and if the pain continues, definately get it checked out.

My first question to you would be how is your flexibility?

The first thing I always recommend to people with shoulder problems is ART… That, or hell, get a massage, you’d be surprised what a deep tissue massage will do…