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Shoulder Workout

I need a kick ass shoulder workout for tonight. Intermediate - Advanced please

At the intermediate to advanced level, you should be able to design your own shoulder workout.



Personally, the only exercises I do for
anterior (front) and middle (medial) delts
are seated DB overhead presses, Med-X lateral raise (another machine could suffice), and sometimes Smith machine overhead presses. Rear delts are trained on back day, with rowing exercises for the back being the main contributor but I also do Hammer Strength rear delt raises.

3-5 sets of each should suffice for a “kick
ass” workout. In many cases 2 sets each could suffice and still be “kick ass.” I would use the same weight for each set of an exercise and allow sufficient rest, e.g. 4 minutes between sets. I am not a believer in strip sets, supersetting etc. Obviously, different people will have different opinions, particularly for example on the amount of rest between sets, with many preferring less.

are you “clean”? grab a heavy wt. and press it over your head as many times as you can, strip about 15-20% off to do a drop set, strip again and you are done.

Do Ian Kings delt workout, it kicks ass or you can give mine a shot. 1.Upright Rows(wide grip) 5x5. 2. Wide Grip Behind The Neck Press 3x10. Lying One Arm Laterals 3x10, followed by Scott Presses 3x8, then Neider Presses 3x(AMRAP). Good luck, outlaw.

read Muscle and Fitness for some Advance shoulder routines. (hint of sarcasm added)

This pointless thread can be ended now; his “kick ass” shoulder session was over last night.