Shoulder Workout Suggestions

Hi guys,

In a bit of a dilemma. I had 2 ribs moved out of place for a while and the problem became chronic. I am just getting back into training after a long absence. I need your opinions. I am not able to go heavy on a lot of shoulder/trap exercises and those body parts are quickly lagging behind the rest of my body.

Any suggestions on exercises I can do for traps and shoulders that I can still put some mass on without going heavy??

** I cant do military or shoulder presses.

Well, mass doesn’t really happen without heavy, so that’s an issue.

I mean, I guess you could do laterals, maybe some kind of Hammer Strength shoulder press. Avoid upright rows… they’re just stupid.

In fact, you’re kind of SOL for the time being man. Get things good again and get to hitting it heavy ASAP.

Not saying this is ideal, but given the circumstance, hit the lateral raises from every every possible way:

DB standing, DB seated, DB Incline lateral, DB Lean-away lateral, Cable lateral (using each variation i used for DB), machine lateral, use bands, experiment with combining bands and dumbells or cables and dumbells for even more variety, you can do negatives by raising dumbells in the “L- Lateral” raise(arms bent 90 degrees) and lowering them with arms srraight. Do negatives on lateral raise machine by having partner help you raise it, then you lower it on your owwn. Play with the rotation angle of the arms. Try some static holds. Do face pulls. Make sure not to neglect the rear delts. Do the last exercise on this article (its deceptively hard even with only 10 lbs!):

As far as traps go, I think you’re SOL. I have kinda shitty traps, but what I have learned is that Traps are mostly fast twitch, so they respond best to heavy weights and explosive moves; neither of which it sounds like you can do.

But just get creative on the delts. Use drop sets, various volumes, various rep ranges, etc.
I hope this helps. Read some of Thibs old articles…he has lots of cool shoulder exercises. Good luck!

Thanks a lot guys, I’ve been doing a lot of lateral raises and have increased the frequency of shoulder workouts because they are lagging behind. Looked at the article you posted as well. Hopefully ill be able to go heavy soon!

[quote]handsomedevil wrote:
Not saying this is ideal, but given the circumstance, hit the lateral raises from every every possible way:

That way you can inflict serious stimulation with relatively light weights (concerning your reconvalescence).

Good luck!