Shoulder Work

whats up everyone,
Just looking for some advice on shoulders. I am coming off recent labrum surgery (SLAP) in both shoulders and I am trying to look for the best way about working my shoulders again with out the constant pain that Ive experienced since having said operations since rehab and independent work seemed to only take me so far. My biggest weakness since post op has been the military press and lateral raises. However, I notice that my right shoulder is much more stronger than my left ( IE i can military press 50 lbs right handed but can’t even get up 25 leftie) and I am trying to get those back to what they once were. Any suggestions thanks for the time and help everyone

Themightystu knows quite a few things about building big delts after a torn labrum. Basically, do a lot of isolation work and then do presses with lighter weights; try reverse grip presses and see how they feel. A trainer at my old gym had people do this, with no rest between exercises:

10 front raises
10 lateral raises
10 bent over rear delt raises
10-15 behind the neck presses (you’ll be surprised how little weight it takes)

I have never suffered a serious shoulder injury, but speaking from experiences with weak shoulders. I feel the best overall exercises to help with shoulder issues are the ones less widely used. I would make face pulls (rope face pull aparts) a staple in my routine if I was looking to build back my stability in my shoulders. A must in my opinion for a healthy rotator cuff, and healthy pressing. I would also advise to stick to Dumbbells to help build stability, as certain grip variations (neutral especially) can help with any residual shoulder pain you may be feeling. Landmine presses, and seated shoulder press (from the floor, in a squat rack with no back rest) are favorites of mine that I’ve learned from CT’s articles.

You may be dropping the load, but sometimes less is more when emphasizing shoulders. Starting light gives you a chance to fix any imbalances, or weaknesses you may have had before your surgery. It gives you an opportunity to start over and rebuild. Which in the end may give you stronger shoulders than you once had. Good luck man! Hope all goes well