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Shoulder Work Without Push Press

42 yo… and I have been doing Push Press with barbells for several years. Out of the blue Mid November, I begin getting shoulder pain (impingement syndrome) My MR shows mild tendonosis of the Supra/sub scap tendons. No tear and only mild edema… however it hurt like hell. I laid off it working around almost all right shoulder work. I did Phys Therapy for 6 weeks and finally was done. I had it injected yesterday and it is immensely improved.

However, now I am caught and I believe that I need to find alternative exercises for Shoulders, especially Delts.

I can do lateral raises and I think I can get some mass from them, but no where near what I got from Presses. Bent and front raises are OK, but not nearly as good for mass for me.

Any Other ideas for delt work, without direct overhead pressing?

My lateral delt heads are pretty good, but my Anterior and Posterior are lagging despite direct work via Front/bent raises.

But now that My shoulder is better (going to give it a full week before I train) I need to develop something which can have decent results without the ‘push press’ movement.

Are you saying overhead movement of any kind is out for you permanently, or just for some period of time? I hurt my shoulder years ago and after taking some time off, went back to shoulder presses, but switched up from using a barbell to using dumbells in a neutral/javelin grip. Seems to have helped my impingement issues considerably. I don’t think the hand/arm/shoulder position required for using a barbell is always the healthiest choice for shoulders in the long run.

Of course, I’m weak sauce compared to most of the folks here, so take my words with a shaker of salt.

Are you doing any bench presses? That often builds the anterior heads big time.