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Shoulder Work Out!!!!!

Die Nadel thanks for clarifying that for me! Point well taken.
I have also neglected legs…wanna see that workout? Nah just kidding…its all good.

i made a comment earlier but you didnt respond, so let me clarify my point. i am also 5’7 but i have about 15lbs on you and im currently about 10%. i consider myself to be relatively strong for a bb my size. obviously there are people out there that would blow my ass out of the gym, but i think i can hold my own in most circles. those #"s look quite high to me. laterals with 40lbs for 10-12 reps, seated laterals with 40 @ 10-12. then 100 lb d-bell presses, and finish off with 200 maybe 225 for barbell presses. i couldnt touch 40lb later raises with good form. in fact i have never done more than 25lb bent over laterals in my life. i especially couldnt get 200 for 10-12 on barbell presses after 20 sets of pre exhaustion. having said all that, what im trying to say is: are you sure your using strict form on all these lifts?

also, in my opinion that is way to much volume. whats your diet like? are you using any aas? if i did that many sets for shoulders in one day, i wouldnt be able to spank my monkey for a month.

If you have had problems with your rotator cuffs, you might want to do front military presses (not behind the neck) and possibly drop the upright rows. Both of those can be shoulder killers.

It’s too many sets unless this is a temporary specialization program. Even then it’s too much, IMO.

oddly enough my shoulders (when doing front and lateral raises) actually respond MUCH better to lighter weights usually in a progression of 15,20,25…is this what you meant when you said less can be more? I use super strict SLOW tempos.

I have to agree with PDog. Strict laterals with 40 Lbs? I remember watching a video of Lou Ferrigno doing laterals with 40 Lbs, and he was swinging the weight up and using momentum.

And 225 behind the neck?

One2njoy- I’m not calling you a liar- but like pdog said- are you sure you are using good form?

Back when I started lifting (10 years ago) I used to use big weights, but bad form. I would use 40 LBS for dumbell laterals, and 100 Lbs for DB press. Nowadays, I sometimes go up to 100 Lbs DB press, but never use over 25 lbs for laterals, as I find that going any higher, and my traps take over. I even work down to 15 LBS DB’s sometimes. And I’ll tell you what- since I have been focusing on strict form, my shoulder development has nevwe been better. And this can be applied to all bodyparts.

Sure sometimes I like to use big weights, but especially for isolation exercises, I would focus on intensely working the muscle, rather than on the weight used and the reps done.

PDog: Yes those are the poundages I am using. BTW, I don’t do seated reverse flys with 40lbs. When you say strict form I am thinking, completely still body with just the arms moving. If thats your definition then no I am not using strict form, but I never claimed strict form? I do however use a somewhat strict form just as in my pullups. In fact, in most of my routines I have been complimented on how well I keep my form. Keep in mind that these raises are my first exercises in my routine. Also, as for the 100lbs dumbbell presses…come to Hawaii and I will show you down to slightly below or at parallel and up to touch.
As for the barbell presses, this past workout for instance I did the final set at 205 for 10 with assistance on the last rep. So the rep scheme I have listed is really just a guide. That is why I added on both pressing exercises that the last set is done to failure.
Well, I really don’t have to prove what weights I am using because who cares? YOu only care about that when you’re in high school and trying to boost your ego or impress a girl…I am way past that phase.

obviously, you’re not past that phase because you took offense to my constructive criticism. i didnt call you a liar, i questioned your form. i could give a rats ass how much you lift, or how many marathon shoulder sessions you embark on. if you cant take constructive criticism dont post here. you asked a question and i gave you an answer. i still dont understand why someone would use semi-strict form and then claim to be able to handle those poundages. do you use semi strict form when you squat, bench press or deadlift? i have nothing against a cheat rep or two, but why would you cheat your entire routine? what kind of tempo are you using on these reps? like TJ said the “incredible hulk” himself couldnt do lateral raises with strict form with 40lbs weighing in at 300.

Obviously you are mistaken, the comment you gave in no way was constructive critism, I asked for advice and I got what I needed from others. You tried to personally attack me and call me a liar. Am I boasting about 9 years? NO, do I have a lot to learn, Yes! But since you are a god here I will take your advice and not post here…right big guy! You don’t understand why someone will use a semi strict form? I am not going to give you the liberty to answer your question. You sir are a fool. Its not cheating to do reps that are not in perfect form…in fact no one can say each rep is done with complete perfection. A cheat is totally blowing form to get the rep out and that is not what I am doing. Again, the words are coming out, but you’re obviously not hearing me. Did I say 40lbs in perfect form? I didn’t even mention form, but you assumed. Fool! Don’t bother replying to me, I am done speaking to a person who deliberately attacks a persons charater for personal amusement.

go back and read my posts and stop playing the woe is me routine. i never in any way called you a liar. i clearly asked you in the above posts “what im trying to say is: are you sure your using strict form on all these lifts?”

do you see any accusations of you being a liar in that sentence? no you dont!

you chose to misinterpret my criticism, for an attack on you. i hardly think that asking you if your using strict form is an attack on you in any way.

i dont claim to know everything, i dont claim to be the biggest and strongest either. there are plenty of guys on this forum that would rip me a new asshole in the gym. however i do not believe that you at 170lbs could possibly do 40lb lateral raises with any form that even resembled strict. i have seen the type of form that people use on lateral raises, anything from rocking back and forth to doing a half lateral raise half hang clean. it is quite rare to see someone perform them properly. In fact i hope you can do them with 40lbs and still behind the neck press with 225 after 20 sets, more power to you. either way, all i was trying to do was help you with your form, and you took offense to it.

If this fellow can press 205 for 10 reps behind-the-neck, he can definitely use 40 pound dumbells for lateral raises. That’s not a lot of weight for lateral raises.

I can do about 5 or 6 strict reps myself with 40s and can’t press nearly that much.

I don’t understand this thread entirely, “critique my program”… dude I don’t think you need any advice, you are able to critique your own program.

MAINLAND HAOLES, eh one2enjoy. Dos buggahs some time get on one nerves. Jus no listen to em eh. An if you stay one haole, then no offense. Keep lifting an go grind some poke.

Lumpy, thanks for the feedback, I don’t know I was just trying to get some feedback on a program that I just started…I mainly use this to shock the hell out of my system, then I go back to my normal routine. Getting it down on the forum has helped me though. Thanks for your positive comments it is appreciated.

Inuyasha, yeah I know da haole wat up wit dat? i goin jus ignore the bugga and keep lifting. Thanks fo backin me up Hawaiian!

Well U wan strong buggah eh. I wish I was that strong.