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Shoulder Work Out!!!!!

Since I got such a great respone with my weighted pulls let me have you guys critique my current shoulder routine.

  1. 3-4 sets/ 10-12 reps
    Dumbbell lateral raises
    25lbs, 30, 35, 40

  2. 3-4 sets/ 10-12 reps
    Dumbbell font raises
    25lbs, 30, 35, 40

  3. 3-4 sets/ 10-15 reps
    Holding for a count of 1 at the top
    Seated Dumbbell reverse flys
    15lbs,20, 25, 30 maybe 35’s.

  4. 3-4 sets/ 10reps
    Last set done till failure
    Seated Dumbbell shoulder press
    80lbs, 90, 100, 105

  5. 3sets/ 8-10 reps
    Last set done till failure
    Seated behind the neck military presses
    135lbs, 185, 205, maybe 225

  6. 3sets/ 10-15reps - Very slow tempo
    Either upright rows or barbell shrugs

I know this seems like a ton of exercises, but believe it or not i get it done with a partner in about an hour give or take 15mins. I choose to do the laterals and raises in the begining of my workout to ensure that my shoulders are completely warm, having suffered through a rotator cuff injury its almost a must. Please don’t knock my poundages guys, I just put it in there for you to get an idea of what I do. I know that almost everyone here is strong than I am so please refrain from all the name calling. Again I am a 5’7" 172lb 11.8%BF 24year old and have been training since freshmen year football. Thanks for your input. Christian if its not too much trouble I would like your input?

because the delts are a small muscle group I would drop a few exercises. i have had shoulder problems in the past w/ left being scoped, so I too make sure I warm up good. This is my current shoulder day:

  1. shoulder press-barbell to the front
    2 warm up sets followed by 4 working sets

  2. 3 sets side lat. standing

  3. 3 sets rear lat. again standing

  4. upright rows 3-4 sets

sometimes I will go directly to traps, other times I do traps w/ back.

front delts usually get drilled on chest day from all the pressing.If you are worried about injury keep away from any movement behind your head.

hope that helps- Guru X

Sweet routine, looks like one right out of Flex Magazine…

That is more volume for shoulders than I do. I would just drop the front raises and the behind the neck press. Also do some work for the ext. rotators of the shoulder as well.

Thanks for your feedback guru! I know that the delts is a smaller muscle group but if you are including the rear delts and traps it makes for almost the same size as the chest. In the past I have ignored shoulders so this is my way of making up for it…I guess? I just don’t want to be over training the delts. I remember reading somewhere that in order to get maximal developement in the shoulders you need to hit all three heads of the shoulder. Thanks again for your feedback

Die Nadel, I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or something but making reference to flex magazine of my workout is not cool. Obviously, if I am on this site and deep squater… I despise the “commercial” fitness world.

Looks good man. Your routine is somewhat similar to mine in terms of number of sets. It looks like you do about 22 sets for shoulders. Shoulders are my favorite muscle group to train. I work them twice a week, 20-24 sets per workout. I hit each working head seperate and then train the traps. How many times per week do you do this routine and how did you injure your shoulder? jacked

That’s a lot of shoulder exercises dude. Makes me feel lazy… overhead dumbbell presses have been my only primarily shoulder exercise.


Inuyasha: I ussually do rotator exercises to warm up 2-3 exercises two sets each. Kauai boy? I am going there on the 17th - 19th for business.

why do you start with a light weight and build up?
I would just start with the heavier weight and when you can complete all sets with all reps demanded, move up weight for next session. That’s basically my philosophy with hypertrophy type work.

Da Boxer

you must be one strong mofo if you can do strict lateral raises standing and seated with 40 lbs for 10-12 reps.

I think this routine sucks. Sorry.

Why one earth would you do your barbell military last?

if your shoulders aren’t responding just remember…sometimes less is more.

Guru X

Ike it would be to change up the normal trend of doing it first then proceeding to dumbells then doing raises. It has really helped me in the growth factor, but everyone has his opinion. Thanks for the feedback

Or if you want a smart shoulder program that will leave your delts big and healthy without using steroids: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/228short1.html

Thanks for the suggestion Paul T…but I’ve done it for a period of 6 months. Thanks for the input it is appreciated.

I’d say there’s certainly nothing shabby about the poundages you’re using, especially for your bodyweight. You’d probably be even stronger if you only did the pyramiding on your first couple of exercises and utilized reverse pyramiding and/or constant weight on everything else.


I can definately understand using this prefatigue concept every once and a while, particularly to mix things up. I just wouldn’t use it the majority of your training time. Agreed?

Also… perhaps you can handle the volume better than I, but I never consistantly do 20+ sets, myself. Shock-weeks only, which are followed by extremely low-volume supercompensation week. Basically CT’s standard approach.

Actually my first response was an attempt at making a joke.

Personally I’m not that crazy about your routine. Generally speaking I find people place to much importance individual muscle groups when making their routines, and in this case, you’ve further chopped what many consider to already be a specialty body part into three, further specializing.

It’s just a difference of philosophy. You seem to have a ‘bottom up’ approach, while I have a ‘top down’. Again, I’m not saying my way is better, it’s just not how I would appraoch it.

Well… thats it for me. All the power to you if you have success with this program.

Thanks Kelly, and yes when pyramiding I do use heavier weights, but I am certain that the majority of guys here are using those weights to warm up. Thanks for the ego boost though!