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Shoulder Width Help

I’ve been lifting for 30 years, and don’t want to get close minded on new routines, what routine would you suggest for width, i started doing military presses feel nothing but pain, but i went from not doing them for 10 years to 220 x 2. I used to 265 x 5.

search “growth factor shoulders, width”

2 rep shoulder presses? That’s your problem right there. Deltoids do well with more volume. Shoulder width itself is genetic, you either have it or you don’t. I don’t, so I’ve learned to focus on having an overall good physique rather than worrying about one single trait.

Thanks, i think you are right, I got good width but need to diet down trim the midsection. As for as volume that would explain why guy’s in NBA got crazy delts, plus freak genetics.

I’ve wondered about NBA player’s delts too. Half of them walk around the court like taller versions of Steve Reeves. Then some of them are just average built and don’t have huge delts. I think alot of them just have good delt genetics, party due to having such long limbs and long muscle bellies, including long deltoid muscle insertions, which allows them to have way better delt growth potential than someone with a relatively short delt muscle insertion. Plus another thing is alot of athletes do alot of bodybuilding type workouts, plenty of volume and pumping up, yet still getting strong.

I came up in powerlifting Olympic lifting need to change up mentality in training instead of moving weight, train for hypertrophy , i saw a video of cutler lifting didn’t go over 405 for deadlift and squats, doesn’t have gut like Ronnie Coleman. My next workout sat going to focus on volume yeah it would be awesome to have LeBron James build.

Cutler found ways to train smarter and still build a shit-ton of mass. Then again with the extreme amount of drugs they take, they probably don’t need to train too heavy. I’d venture to say Ronnie probably didn’t even need to train as heavy as he did to get that big, for him it was more genetics, drug use and the overall volume of his workouts, but not necessarily the amount of weight he used per set. His genetics test show he carries the ACTN-3 gene, which gives all sorts of athletic and physique advantages… As far as delts, with your background I’d be shocked if your delts arent big already. For volume on OHP I’d say 3 sets of 8-10 reps and for side and rear delt raises 3 sets of 12-15 each. A fourth set might be pushing it depending on your genetics, but probably would offer additional mass if you can properly recover from it.

I grew up on the Ironman magazine workouts, i am definitely going with volume now , plus I’m 43 need to ease up on joints , I’ve jerked. 365 behind the neck 15 year’s ago but experienced neck and knee pain back then. Plus doing military press bother knees mess up leg day.