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Shoulder Weakness


Hello all,
I am not quite 35 yet, but I feel like my issue would probably be best addressed here.

I am 33 and have been lifting for about 1.5 years. I recently backed off for a few months, due to ACL and Cartalidge surgery on my knee, but I have een getting back into the full seing of things (minus lower body).

First, my body has loved lifting weights. I found building muscle to be very easy since I started lifting, and once I fixed my form, nagging pains have gone away.

The one exception is my shoulders.

Basically, my shoulders, when the get tired, seem to "give out" every now and then. It feels like they slip out of the socket slightly. I then have slight shjoulder pain for a few days, and then it goes away.

GFenerally, if this happens during an exercise, I try to find an alternative. For instance, it happened during heavy pullovers the other day, so I am going to move to a machine rather than do tham on a bench with a BB. Also, they happened during DB Shoulder Presses, so I am going to do Upright Rows.

However, I do really like some of these exercises. Is this just a mechanical defect of my shoulders that I need to avoid, or is there some strengthening I can do which will allow me to ease back into these other exercises.

BTW, I am currently working on OVT, so I am lifting heavy

I take. fish oil and Glucosomine, MSM, Chondrotin.

My diet is very well balanced and I am currently attemtping to lose some poiuds I put on after the operation.

Thanks all!!



My shoulders are sensitive too, so I've taken a lot of care to research things and pick the best exercises and not just my favorite ones. You talking about moving to "upright rows," which are so notorious for fucking up shoulders that some of the trainers here don't do or reccomend them, tells me you have some serious research to do. Look through the list of Eric Cressey's articles to the left and read everything he's written concerning the shoulders. Pay special attention to all discussion of the "rotator cuff," exercises for "external rotation," "scapular retraction," and the need to balance the strength of anterior vs. posterior deltoid. Good luck-- and do your homework.


Thanks for the pointers!

I'll be sure to read all those.

That also goes to show you that you shouldn't always listen to people who seem to know what they are saying. There was someone else who once told me to move to rowing exercises instead of pushing ones.

Anyway, I'll read those articles and adjust accordingly.



You may try quitting before you get tired.


Another question,
One of the exercises I am having trouble with, becasue of my shoulders, is the pullover. I am using a BB and a flat bench. I think my form is right, but again, when I get tired, my shoulder seeems to slide out for a second. I was planning on using the Pullover machine in the gym to prevent this. I guess my question is threefold.

1) Will this be fixed when I strengthen my rotator cuff using Cressey's plan for that?

2) Is this a form issue that other people have experienced and then fixed ?

3) Is the Pullover mahcine worth it, and if not, what should I use?




Dumbbell pullovers have always felt bad for my right shoulder. If I use an EZ curl bar with a narrow grip, it feels fine.


Like EC said, if it hurts, don't do it. Strengthening up your rotator cuffs will help, though.

Since you're already experiencing shoulder problems, you may want to nix the upright rows... doing these can lead to impingement, and that really doesn't feel good.

I'd do some prehab, limit direct shoulder work for a while, and give it some time. Strengthening up the shoulder girdles should help quite a bit.


Perfect timing for you: