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Shoulder Warm Up

Hey guys, quick question. I am recovering from a pretty mean shoulder injury and am finally able to work out again. During workouts, it seems as though my shoulder is getting fatigued faster than it should. I was thinking that a more thorough warmup might help. .

So my question to all of you is, what would be a thorough warm up for the shoulder? Thanks for any advice.

You’re probably getting tired because of muscle atrophy. But if you had a shoulder injury you should be warming up your shoulder anyway.

Do some light, light, shoulder press then use the same light, light dumbbells in your hands to do some external rotations then go lift.

I would start with codman’s pendulum exercises, db cuban presses, band rows, then move into some BW pushups and inverted rows. Treat everything as a warmup, staying away from muscle fatigue.