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Shoulder Ultrasound (Multiple Trephination)

Have any of you folks been through this procedure?

Basically, it sounds like Ultrasound is used to diagnose and guide some shots into the shoulder. It sounds like a cortisone shot but with some other stuff. I’ve never heard the term “multiple trephination”.

Here’s a description:

[i]"… Ultrasound Technology is used as a diagnostic tool. In the same way that Ultrasound provides detailed examinations of a child in the womb, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound facilitates precise examinations to be made of tendons, muscles, bones and ligaments to establish where inflammation, scar tissue, or a small spur may lie.

Treatment can then be efficiently and effectively pinpointed to exactly where the pain or problem is, with no guesswork involved.

To stimulate healing, (the doctor) commonly inserts a local anesthetic such as 1% Xylocaine or cortisone with a small amount of platelet cells derived from your own blood into the targeted region In concert with this technique, the region of scar tissue is Revascularized with a procedure called Multiple Trephination.

Consequent to not requiring an MRI, this technique is extremely efficient (taking approximately 10 minutes), frequently entirely painless, and cost effective; not even requiring an x-ray in most incidents.

Aside from accuracy, efficiency, and the ability to get back on your feet in a short amount of time, perhaps the best advantage to this technique is that there are little to no side effects.[/i]

I had it done for tendonitis, and it seems to be working.
I got a referal from the GP to a PT type who presribed a ton of pain killer, called a friend who is a PT she refered me, to somone with a small unit.

It works, you can buy them on ebay for 79$ I am thinking of that.

My procedure was different, it is a smaller unit and they used a KY type gel to insure a good electronic bond.


Sounds like prolotherapy.

Had it done on my elbow with growth hormome and seems to be doing well

It looks like trephination is synonymous with trepanation, both being generic for “cutting holes” The only difference being one uses a medical device called a trephine which is an updated version of a trepan. Basically it’s just a cylindrical saw made for cutting out core samples. I’m assuming (hoping) the one for a shoulder is tiny.

Your description of the procedure said “the region of scar tissue is revascularized with a procedure called Multiple Trephination” and revascularized just means increasing blood flow, so I’m guessing they’re going to go in and cut some plugs of the scar tissue out with a small core saw to allow more blood flow, which will then stimulate healing.

I’m glad you posted this, as I’m getting an MRI with an arthrogram on my shoulder on Tuesday. I dislocated it twice in the past 3 months doing judo, and I don’t plan on stopping judo, so my doc referred me to a surgeon. I’m going to ask him what this is all about before going under the knife.

Thanks for the replies so far.

Borrek, please post your thoughts after your Tuesday visit. I’m eager to hear what you learn.