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Shoulder Troubles

just some background info before i let you know the problem. I am 20 years old, been training on and off for 3 years but recently got serious, and been going strong for bout a year now. i am 6’2 215. i recently have been noticeing some pain in my right shoulder when i do bench pressing and shoulder work.
the pain only affects me when i do these types of exercises and quickly subsides when i leave the gym.

oustide of the gym i notice occasional popping but nothing of a serious nature. i already stretch for at least 10 minutes before i start but doesnt really seem to be helping. just wondering if anyone can give me some other tips, i could try and see if they work. ive already done some research and tried to correct my bench form and cut out some unnecessary shoulder exercises, just looking from some help from others with experience in the iron game.

I got in a wreck on my motorcycle recently and I’ve had a shoulder problem since.

The only advice I can give is to work around it so you don’t make your shoulder angry. Do what doesn’t hurt. For me I really only hurt if I do certain overhead or some lateral stuff (jumping jacks kill.)

I saw this on a few other threads, it’s a good shoulder rehab program by DieselCrew.

Take lots of fishoils and some ibuprophen if you aren’t already.

Good luck with the shoulder bro, keep looking at other threads, they might have some stuff I missed.