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Shoulder/Trap Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have developed a numb pain in my right trap, which did get much better since I massage it regularly (I use a tennisball…it hurts but seems to work), but I also have a pain in my right shoulder when I bench and the problem in my trap and shoulder seem to be related.

Does anyone have a similar problem and has an idea what could be the cause of the pain?

If so, what did/does help?

My training is balanced…I use a lot of rowing,too.

I was also looking at Cressy’s articles for shoulder health and I incorporated some of the exercises into my regime.

…besides going to a doctor, which I am going to do I would appreciate any advice and/or experiences of others.

Thanks in advance, any reply is appreciated.


Repeating myself, but ART.

If you say massage helps, this will cure it. And no, I can’t say for certain, but the least you will do is learn.

Thanks for the tip…but I don’t even know if I can find any ART practitioners here in Denmark…

But I will look into it


It’s good place to start.

Using a roller as well as the ball is an option to start.