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Shoulder/Trap Pain and Discomfort, Need Diagnostic

So about a week ago I was going biceps and triceps. I came home and I was leaning on my bed using my left forearm for balance. When I went to change positions I felt a sharp pain in my side delt /back delt with a strange stretch in my lats. Pain recurred whenever I jerked the shoulder to test if it had still recovered or not.

During my back days I noted that my sore shoulder was actually being problematic during wide grip pull ups and lat pull downs. So when I switched to medium grip the pain went away. I still felt pain when I tried to do a one arm dumbbell row, whether it was supporting my weight with the left shoulder or rowing with the left shoulder, which made me abandon the exercise.

I personally think this is a pulled trap muscle, but I am still not hundred percent sure since my side and rear delt kinda hurts whenever I jerk my left shoulder in a tricep bench dip position and put my body weight on it.

A diagnostic would be appreciated if this information is sufficient. If you want more details to form a diagnosis ask away. Also what’s the expected recovery time for pulled trap muscle. My shoulder health has improved over the week, I think. Also should I work out shoulders properly, or should I skip shoulders on push day?

I have crazy lower trap pain whenever I do any type of chest press. I just posted my story here. Keep in touch.

Are your traps generally quite tight or possibly overactive? What are your mid and lower traps and rhomboids like strength wise?

Is the pain quite superficial in the shoulder or deeper? If deeper it may be tendonitis, perhaps the supraspinatus tendon.

Because of the pain, your lats may tighten to provide more stability for your shoulder. How is the shoulder when pushing either benching or overhead?