Shoulder/Trap Pain After Press Day?

I’m having a weird pain in my traps after doing a press day. (Main movements: bench, incline bench, and OHP)

I have no trouble rotating my shoulder around, but if I do an ‘air’ military press then I can feel my traps tense up and I feel some pain underneath the muscle.

I’m curious what could have caused this and what a fix might be. Perhaps it’s a bad idea for me to do barbell military presses or I should stop doing them to lockout?

I think I might move to doing higher reps with dumbbells/machines instead of the 5x5 scheme I’ve been following for barbells as of late. Maybe then transition to doing free weight bench for my warmup sets and use the smith for everything else past that. My ‘shoulder’ really isn’t too happy right now.

Thanks for any insight.

This is really bothering me at the moment, too. Traps are tight, and there is pain deep in the upper back… almost feels like its underneath the shoulder blade.

Massaging the traps with something hard and then stretching them is helping to loosen mine up.

Trap stretch:

Thanks for the info. Did stretching solve your issue?

The pain is gone over night, I think I was just pressing with sloppy form. I know i shouldn’t have, but I tried benching (at a much lighter weight) today and everything felt fine. I just focused on the form. I think I’m going to go for higher reps and lower weight (instead of 5x5) and concentrate on the form.

In other news today my left bicep tendon is acting up after lateral raises. Ugh, the process of figuring out what works for my shoulders is rather daunting…

Have you tried using foam rollers before/after your workout?

You might also want to ensure your not building instability into your upper body by focusing too much on pressing type workouts, and not enough on pulling. You might need alot more pulling exercises in your workout plan.

Stretching and rolling has helped, but it’s not fixed yet. The process of fixing yourself is kind of a drag! But it’s necessary.

It might be a muscular imbalance around the shoulder complex/rotator cuff stability issue.
Try incorporating face pulls ,overhead shrugs , wall slides and band pull apart band pushup

Also find a good upper trap/neck stretch, levator scapulae stretch and Rear Delt Fly here :

Thanks for the info.
I’ll add overhead shrugs to my push days and face pulls to my pull days. My pull days are already pretty long, but adding face pulls isn’t a huge deal. I do rear delt raises for my rear delt, so I might just sub these in instead every other workout or so or just add them since the weights aren’t going to be all that bad.

Adding overhead shrugs to press day shouldn’t be too bad either since the weights aren’t going to be super heavy. I should be fine doing them as part of my military press warmup.

I do a lot of rowing motions so I’d say that I’m pretty balanced as far as reps go.

I think I’m going to start doing ramp ups that count towards my exercises and decrease my volume when pressing. I.e. try doing 1x5 or 2x5 at my work weight instead of trying 5x5 at that weight. I can do a 2x10 with a lighter weight before that or such.

I’ve definitely noticed that I sit with my shoulders hunched forward a bit. I’ll try to consciously push them back more so I get used to doing that.

Thanks everyone.