Shoulder Training

So for a while my shoulders have been bothering me, not to where it’s debilitating, but it’s something I’ve noticed has gotten slightly worse as time has gone on and I’d like to avoid a major shoulder injury.

It first started with overhead pressing, when I’d bring the bar down to my chest, I’d feel my bicep sort of pop or move, and it’d be sore if I pushed through it. It’s not a shoulder issue, I know, but it only occurs as I’m training overhead press or other shoulder related presses.

Other issues are things like lateral raises or front raises, my shoulders pop during the movements, nothing painful, but after the workout I feel a nagging pain in both my shoulders.

I’m not sure if it’s some kind of a muscle imbalance, because it’s only started recently and I’ve had a dedicated shoulder day for about a year. Any ideas?

Go get yourself checked out! Trust me…Around 2 years ago I was doing overhead press, I felt someone in my shoulder sort of pop or tear. I ended my workout early and went home to rest/ice. I totally ignored the signs…as the ignorant person I am and was back in the gym training the next day. I worked though my workouts for the rest of the week. While I was training it never really hurt all that bad. It was fairly tender though.

The next week It was shoulder/trap day. I loaded up for overhead press…Did a few reps and once again I could feel my shoulder pop. After that, I was in agonizing pain. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. He told me I had torn my rotator cuff (I’m no doctor but I had a feeling this wasn’t the case) I decided on getting a second opinion. I booked myself into a shoulder specialist. It didn’t take long for him to discover…I had a labral tear.

He told me that if after 6 months of rehab and lots of physio sessions, that my shoulder wasn’t any better that he would suggest surgery. Which meant from that day forward…no overhead movements, no bench press, no cleans, no push ups or pull ups (I thought my life was over) I did physio for about 8 sessions. I have been doing my rehabilitation almost every day since then. I also bought the scapjacked (Rotator cuff and shoulder rehab).

I can no do overhead movements and pull ups (Still no bench, push ups or cleans) but I’ve come a long way. I know that I’ve just ranted about my own injury but trust me when I say…If I would have listened to my body and saw a doctor right away/took a break on training. I could have easily avoided this injury (At least to the extent). Listen to your body!

Well I’m not sure if it’s that severe just yet, like I said there isn’t a ton of pain, just a small ache. For now I’m going to take a break and ice. I’ll still bench, but I’m going to take my shoulder day out until I feel more comfortable.

If it gets worse I’ll see about talking to a doctor.

Good plan^ I wish you all the best!