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Shoulder Training Limited to Barbell Work?

I’ve been doing the 4 day powerbuilding workout using the double progression method from this site and like it. My question is on overhead press day I have limited dumbbells for DB press and arnold press for the 2 assistance exercises prescribed after the main lift (Press). Are there any suggestions for someone who just has a barbell?

variations you could try would be the Cuban press, land mine press or Z press. All only require a barbell

How many barbells do you have and do you have a power rack?

1 barbell with 1 power rack

AS long as youve done the heavy push press work could just do tons of lateral raise variations a la Thibs youtube channel for few extra sets like 5x20.
Can sometimes even give better pop/finished look to shoulders than only barbell work…

Thanks for the answers. Coach CT I know you are busy but if you get a minute if you could give me your advice I would appreciate it. Thank you

Look into the growth factor shoulder training article - lot’s of super-set stuff there.

I do the different raise variations just holding weight plates of different sizes.

For press variations you can rock:

Seated press
Z press
Kneeling press
Behind the neck press
Snatch grip BTN press
Push BTN and SGBTN press
Bradford press
Cuban press
Scrape the rack press
Javelin press
Landmine press
1 arm viking press

Lot’s to choose from here, see what works for you! What kind of plates do you have? Do they have slots in them or are they solid?

Thanks for that. The plates I have are solid

Gotcha, either way any of those press variations combined with shoulder raise variations should go a long way for ya.

mr.v3 gave you great suggestions, nothing to add there. Maybe just also using different grip width on military presses. Closer grip is great to strengthen the finish of the press for example while a wider grip is great to strengthen the start

Thank you