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Shoulder Tendon Repair

An MRI has confirmed ‘mild’: tendinobursitis and tendinosis in 3 of my 4 rotator cuffs and biceps tendon, an ‘anteriomedially perched’ (out of place) biceps tendon, AC capsulitis, and “subsurface fraying” of the subscapularis. Fortunately no actual tears in the tendons or labrum.

I’ve been completely out of the gym for a month now (with reduced activity for two months before that), icing my shoulder daily, sleeping in a chair to avoid rolling to my side, getting ultrasound + kinesio-taping 2x/week, and dosing (high quality) GHRP-2/6 + Mod-GRF - but am noticing minimal improvement.

I’m wondering about low-dose (say, 15 mg) Anavar over the long-term. From what I’ve read, it seems there’s little to no HPTA suppression at that dose and it may increase collagen formation and cross-linking integrity.

Does anyone have experience using Anavar for tendon repair? Is there any way Anavar could interfere with the healing process?

If anyone has links to relevant studies I’d be much obliged.

Up the frequency of pep dosages… lots of soft tissue work (foam roller…tennis balls)… ice even more (20 min on, 20 off)… also try heat pads they also increase blood flow, mega dose omega 3 to combat inflammation… stay on top of your physio exercises. Aim not to become dependent on NSAIDS… I personally dont think the var will help but many say it does. If its what you feel you need to mentally and physically continue, then i’m all for it. Give it some time. Minimize alcohol consumption… limit caffeine intake… the withdrawal causes joint ache. And lastly, don’t fucking give up.

I wish you all the best.

info on shoulder pain

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edit: fuck those links are now dead eh… hmm… search the nation for the info on foam rolling theres some great info out there.

You might want to look into the peptide BPC 157