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Shoulder Tendon Help!


I injured my long biceps tendon (90% sure -- could be the supraspinatus though) in my left shoulder last night. I'm looking for stretches/anything else that will make it better.

It was tight from a heavy shoulder workout the day before and I felt it go when I struck a double bi pose after stretching it last night (what a way to injure it...i know). I had injured it last summer doing barbell bench, but I rehabbed it back to health for 3 months and ive been doing DC training with barbell bench and no problems until now. Right now, i'm getting searing pain if I try to do the double bi pose or certain motions that bring my lats and biceps into play (I can raise my arm just fine, oddly).

I know a lot of you guys have trouble with the long biceps tendon. I have found that the broomstick stretch from the intensemuscle.com guys helps some, but doesn't hit it directly. Any ideas for how to make it better faster?

Thanks a ton T-Nation guys & gals

Adam (formerly kingofthejungle)


Dont rule out the supraspinatuss too soon.
Can you feel it ‘under the front delt’, prop your arm up horizontaly in front of you (think front delt raise) relax all the muscles around your shoulder (thats why you prop your arm in position). Now dig deep with your fingers aiming to feel under your front delt, rub sideways. If this hit a localised sore spot it could well be the supraspinatus.
BTW cross fibre massage like this helps recovery too.


Thanks a ton for the reply. I cant feel a localized sore spot with my arm out in front of me. When it’s totally relaxed by my side and i dig my fingers into my front delt, I can feel a little soreness in front that’s deep and definitely not muscle soreness. Does this narrow it down any?


Thats where my supraspinatus hurts (where Dax said).
You need to checked out by a physical therapist (physiotherapist in GB)