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Shoulder Taping

After four years of attempted rehab my right shoulder is still not all there.

I am a bit ignorant of shoulder anatomy, so please bear with me. I was told that a tendon/ligament that attaches to my acromion process is damaged.

The other day I came across an article that referred to taping the shoulder in a certain way to take the stress off of this particular area of the shoulder. The article stated that this would allow one to continue training while the tendon heals.

Has anyone else seen this reference, or know of this shoulder taping technique?

Thanks: Nelson

I don’t know about the taping but have you tried ART treatment? Alot of people on this site are big fans of it, and I have had my shoulder worked on by an ART practicioner and he put it back together good as new.

Various taping procedures are used here in Japan on a regular basis, and it does seem to help the healing process. The idea is that the tape (which is somewhat stretchy), when properly set, will help take some of the stress off of the muscle as it contracts to move something.

Whether this would have any carryover to a tendon is something else again. No ideas on that except to say give it a shot and see what happens. I can’t believe that it would hurt you in any way.

Thanks for the replies.

Striker, I haven't tried ART yet, but since it comes so highly recommended I think I'll give it a shot during christmas break :)

Char-dawg, do you know any websites that outline the taping procedure? I would greatly appreciate it!

Hopefully the ART-and-tape combo will do the trick. Thanks, you two, for answering the plea of a first-time forum poster ;)

Thanks: Nelson