Shoulder Surgery

After a few months of physical therapy for pain in my left shoulder I have decided to have surgery. After talking with my PT and Surgeon we have decided that it is most likely a labral tear that needs surgical correction.

I knew I was in the right hands with my PT when I walked in and saw a couple of dragging sleds and kettlebells at his place of practice. The surgeon is also top notch so I am ok with the decision to have the surgery. It will be an arthroscopic Labral repair.

Has anyone had the surgery? I was interested in their experiences post op with their recovery time, rehabilitation and outcome. Also any advice and guidance on what worked and what got them in trouble.

Thank you.

I had the surgery at 16 after dislocating my shoulder wrestling. I’m 21 now, and my shoulder still will bug me on occasion if I’m grappling or boxing, but lifting hasn’t really been an issue.