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Shoulder Surgery

I’ve got a torn labrum and as I just switched schools, and thus insurance, it isn’t covered for a year due to it being a preexisting condition.

I thought about looking into one of those trips to India or wherever to get the surgery, as it’s probably the cheapest option without waiting a year plus to get my shoulder fixed.

Does anyone have experience with this or know of a good place they can refer me to? Thanks.

Hey man. Tearing your labrum sucks. In sports especially in baseball having your arm coming back to 100% is like 50-50 maybe even less and you keep tearing it over and over. What I suggest you do is get prescribed anti-inflammatories like indomethacin or celebrex and take them consistenly through this year.

Dont worry, people take those pills for years and years(although indomethacin needs to be taken with food). Start to rehab it slowly by doing rotator cuff exercises, shoulder abduction and internal/external rotation of the shoulder. Sorry to hear it. Ive gotten impingments before and it sucks. Take care.

Luckily, the featured article today is on sports injury recovery through nutrition, good luck.

I tore my labrum about 10 years ago when I was 15. Dislocated my shoulder twice, once from diving for a baseball and once the next year hitting the sled at football practice.

Basically, it sucks. It is tough to come back to sports with this 100%, especially after healing and rehabing for a few months, and having muscle atrophy in the upper body.

There is hope though. DO NOT go to a cheaper surgeon, even if it means waiting. Keep it healthy until you can see a specialist who has a good rep and good reccommendations. If you go to a 2nd rate surgeon who doesn’t do a good job, especially on a complex joint like the shoulder, you could have pain for the rest of your life.

About 2 years after the surgery I started really lifting again. It’s tough starting out as there are imbalances, but if the surgeon does a good job you should be able to get back to around 90% within a couple of years…sooner if you do your rehab right and really work with mobility of the joint. I am really glad I did, because although it still aches once in a while, it could be a lot worse had I not treated it carefully during rehab.

My main points would be to, first, see a QUALITY surgeon, don’t rush it. Second would be to stick to your rehab after the surgery like it’s your job.

Hope this helped.

Thanks for the replies.