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Shoulder Surgery


I'm having surgery next month to repair a torn labrum in my shoulder, and the doc says he wants me in a sling for a week after the surgery and out of the weight room for six weeks after surgery. I can handle a week in a sling, but six weeks out of the weight room is bullshit. Currently, the only thing that I cannot do with the bad shoulder is overhead lifting... so do you think that I would be OK to return to lifting within a week or two as long as I didn't do any overhead stuff?



Consult with him if you feel truly recovered within four weeks. Otherwise, don't fudge his guidelines.



Don't be foolish. Labral injuries are very serious; six weeks is nothing in the big picture.


You have my condolences about your shoulder, I've had both mine operated on, but don't despair. Your Doc only means don't use the repaired shoulder for that length of time. After a couple weeks, you can go back to the gym and do 1-armed exercises, good arm only (including 1-arm lat pull, for instance- but put the bad arm in the sling during so you're not tempted to grab something). There will be a small cross-over effect, you'll still be "touch" with the other arm and you'll feel a lot better to just get back in there. I've done this routine through 5 surgeries and came back as strong as ever. Quick recovery. Zan


Listen to your doctor. I know you know more than him, but six weeks is nothing, like Eric said.