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Shoulder Surgery

Well after years of working around shoulder problems (almost 20), I finally did it to myself (it was probably the martial arts). I am going to have my shoulder scoped in about a month. Just curious if anyone has gone through this and what sort of rehab it entailed. The doc said recovery could be anywhere from 3 months to 1 year depending on the severity of the problem (which he will know once he begins). The idea of laying off the weights for that long is pretty daunting, so I was curious to hear anyone else’s experiences. Thanks in advance. By the way - a happy and safe 4th to all!

I had my shoulder scoped about 5yrs ago. I did my own rehab. One week after i started lifting at home light high reps just to get and keep blood flowing. Week two i was back in the gymstill light shoulder and chest no squats but heavy everything else. One month later I was back to 100% of pre-op., but It took about two months before I could do a push-up even though i was 100% or close to pre-op. weight.

Not sure what exactly the problem is, but have you tried ART (Active Release) yet? I haven’t been using it for shoulder issues, but it’s worked wonders for my hips and legs… and I hear it’s especially good for shoulder issues. It’s something you may want to look into before venturing down the surgery path.

If its a soft tissue injury and you havent tried ART you are going to regret it. If its impingement, mine was fixed after one trip to get ART.

Sorry for the delayed thanks to those of you who responded. I was away for the weekend and had no computer access. Unfortunately, ART won’t do the trick. After looking at the MRI, the only way to fix the problem is to go in and repair the damage. Thanks anyway.

Guru - what was wrong with your shoulder? I have a torn labrum as a result of a football incident almost 20 years ago.

Put the shoulder surgery on hold man, and find a doctor who does prolotherapy. I have had open shoulder surgery and it was brutal. Prolotherapy kept me from needing surgery on my other shoulder, and the results were much better than surgery. Check it out, it’s a much better, safer option.

my mate/client was recommended to get his shoulder done after the rugby season. he was an international age grade (under 23) athlete that did a tour around nth america and europe.
after the op,he can’t even pick his nose. his shoulder is fucked now. i wonder if the surgeon even reattached any of the tendons after he hacked him up.
No more pro rugby for that boy

I need to check into ART or some form of therapy for my left shoulders. It aches every now and then for no reason. I’ve dislocated it twice over the years. Today, I was bored, so I started pushing inwards on the ball of the humerus, and the entire fucking humerus moved. I tried it with my right shoulder, and got no movement. Something’s loose in there. I can also make my shoulder “pop” when I want to - it’s not dislocating it, but I put pressure on the ball of the humerus to go back, and then rotate my upper arm laterally, it pops back into the joint. Getting it checked out tomorrow.