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Shoulder Surgery


I am 16, 6"1 and 150 lbs.
I have been training well for maybe six months, but sporadically because of repeat right shoulder dislocations.
Two days ago I had surgery to address a bankart tear. It doesn't hurt badly, because of percocet, but I am not able to move it very much at all and I have been sedentary. I have to be in a sling for 6 weeks.
My plan is to lean down, even though Im so small already, by eating mainly vegetables and meats, keeping carbs low. I read about the "rebound effect" after a diet that was in Dave Tate's last article, and was hoping that it could come into effect after healing. (Im hoping to be operational again in under three months)
For training it seems I am limited to the leg press, machines, and maybe pulling a sled behind a belt if I can put one together. Deadlifts and squats seem out of the question.
I would appreciate advice on how to apply the rebound effect and also ideas on training.


make sure you eat enough to heal firstly. Then when you start lifting again just eat as much as possible and lift heavy, nothing complicated


Totally disagree with this. Most of these repairs involve anchoring the tendon back into place. Lifting heavy may cause you to reverse the work. Start small and increase weight very slowly. Also, find a good physical therapist who can help you rehab and knows which exercises are safe at which points in your recovery. A good outcome may depend on it.



Totally agree with kpsnap on this one. I got a little cocky after my first SLAP repair and I'm paying for it now. I've had to have another surgery to put an anchor I ripped out back in and am currently getting my next surgery set up. Take it easy. Work on mobility first and foremost then worry about strength in a few months. Do NOT rush it.


Maybe i phrased it wrong. Heal yourself up first. When the rehab is done start the heavy lifting. The rehab will take a while 9-12 months. Passive ROM is your priority at first.


No. When the rehab is done, start light lifting.

9-12 months of rehab? Just curious where you're getting your information from.

I severely tore my rotator cuff and had surgery to piece it back together with five anchors. Rehab was three months. I started light lifting at the fourth month and followed linear progression. It was a while before I tried any max efforts in the bench, especially in gear.


Holy fuck
I'll just start over

So do your rehab about 9-12 months out is when you will be able to lift heavy again. A shorter time frame (3-6) months is when you will be able to lift again just not heavy.


i would say that the amount od time for recovery is usually 12 month for shoulder injuries. give it time
and recover. there are things that can be done to make shoulder stronger such as resistance tubes and similar
exercising that can help till your're able to lift again.any faster and heavier you risk reinjury and would
hate for anyone yo go through that again.


I have had a bankart repair 4 years ago. Make sure you do all your rehab. Once you have your sling off make sure you start to move your shoulder as much as possible just taking it through range of motion and doing tiny arm circles. Also you will need to focus on serratus anterior and scapular stabilizers. All of mine locked up or atrophied and that is where most of my problems came from. I can still deadlift heavy but have had to switch to front squats because the back-squats irritate my shoulder. Good Luck.


Hey buddy

i cant stress the importance of correct physio practice enough. I had a shoulder op, namely open latarjet surgery, owing to repeated discloations and instability in the right shoulder. That was in March 0f 2010. it rendered me completely immobile, however being the active individual i was (just 2 days before my arm dislocated for the umpteenth time at a kickboxing tournament), i decided to start lifting weights after 5 months thinking my arm was sufficiently healed. Thi was singlehandedly the most stupid thing that i could have done, as today 2 years later, i sit with limited range in my right shoulder which makes certain exercises which should be mandatory, uncomfortable. stick to your physio plan as directed by your physiotherapist. Work on achieving maximum range of motion. You 16 mate, you shouldnt even be lifting heavy weights as your body hasnt reached its own genetic potential yet. Be patient and treat injuries according to protocol.